Stone Heart 匪石之心

I spend one second in holding all the continent together,

I spend a lifetime in holding you close.

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Can I settle down in seagulls’ eyes?

Then I see you when I see the wind.

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Every moment is the Only moment.

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Floating Landscape    Ink on Paper    22″ * 13″ (Sold)

《无心风景》     水墨纸本    57cm * 33cm(已售)

I try to speculate how time remember everything,

but I draw an opposite conclusion.


Time    Ceramic    L: 15″ * W: 9″ * H: 16″

 《时间》   陶瓷    长:38cm * 宽:23cm * 高:41cm


   Meteor Trail      Ink on Paper     25″ * 16″ (Sold)

                                                               《流星飒沓》   水墨纸本    65cm * 40cm(已售)

The Seagull and the Wind

The Seagull and the Wind    Acrylic on canvas    36″ * 36″

《海鸥与风》   布面丙烯   92cm * 92cm

The Mainland

The Main Land    Acrylic on canvas    24″ * 36″ (Sold)

《⼤陆》   布⾯丙烯    61cm * 92cm(已售)