Illusion Moon 镜花水月

The river is rapid, 

and there is always a boat can cross it.

The mountain is hilly,

and there is always a road leads to the peak.

The Rivulet is Not GreenThe Rivulet is Not Green      Oil on Canvas   36″ * 48″

《溪不绿》   布面油画   92cm * 122cm

I know the scene behind the deserted ground,

I don’t know the sense hides in you sound.

I know the way that flowers leave the tree,

I don’t know the day that all birds will be free.

Tweedle in ForestTweedle in Forest    Oil on Canvas     36″ x 72″

《琴声入松堂》   布面油画   92cm x 183cm

A taciturn person just like a well-packaged gift 

which doesn’t want to be opened rudely.

A complicated heart is just waiting for the one

who polishes his key patiently.

Purity is also a kind of DissolutenessPurity is Also a Kind of Dissoluteness    Ceramic    L:28″ * W:16″ * H:14″

《最是无暇,风流不假》  陶瓷   长:71cm x 宽:41cm x 高:36cm

、Purity is Also a Kind of Dissoluteness  Detail


Memory sinks into the mire when I reflect the moonlight in the water.

IMG_7978Thousands of Climates    Ink on Paper   24″ * 14″(Sold)

《朝晖夕阴》   水墨纸本   60cm * 35cm(已售)